William Gibbs McAdoo

The Crowded Years

Imagine a financial wizard who enabled the first subway tunnel under the Hudson River, teamed up with actors to cofound United Artists, served as secretary of the US treasury and a US senator from California, and ran for president twice.

Coach Neyland with his hand on a player's shoulder

The Birth of Volmania

Robert Neyland became fascinated with the strategy of football. But when Nathan Dougherty, the former football star, now a UT engineering professor and athletic chairman, first contacted Neyland, it was to interview him for the job of ROTC director with some side duties as an assistant coach.

The Hill in the 1880s

UT on the Map

If you went to elementary school in a certain era, you might have seen a map of a fictitious place drawn to illustrate all the basic geographic features. UT’s campus is almost like that.