students and faculty pose near their work site in Jordan

Uncovering Ancient Artifacts

Students are uncovering ancient history half a world away through the efforts of two UT faculty members who have spent the past decade excavating an archaeological site in southern Jordan.

pellets, fibers, and other materials used in extrusion compression molding

Advancing Manufacturing

As UT celebrates its 225th birthday, the world is experiencing a massive change in the way goods are produced—and the university is on the cutting edge.

Hap McSween with Mars in the background

Journey to Mars

Mars expert Harry “Hap” McSween retired from his position as a professor of planetary geoscience in 2016, but he is still a very present force in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences.

John Schwartz and Taylor Blackstone at a water quality collection point in the Smoky Mountains

A Lab with a View

In the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, UT engineering professors and students are taking adventurous steps to ensure the quality of our water and air is in check.

art work of bacteria

Fighting with Viruses

Viruses don’t always kill their microbial hosts. In many cases, they develop a mutually beneficial relationship: the virus establishes itself inside the microbe and, in return, grants its host immunity against attack by similar viruses.