Alumni Innovators

UT alumni light the way for others with a combination of innovation, invention, and outreach.

Michael C. Crabtree (’73, ’75)

A cofounder of Computer Technology & Imaging Inc., Michael Crabtree led the worldwide marketing and sales of the company’s PET scanners prior to a distribution agreement with Siemens.

Terry Douglass (’65, ’66, ’68)

Terry Douglass has shaped an industry, transformed medical diagnostics internationally, and impacted hundreds of thousands of lives.

Jim Flood (’80)

As the ExxonMobil Development Company’s vice president of Arctic and Eastern Canada, Jim Flood is responsible for major upstream projects in Arctic regions in Russia, Alaska, and offshore Newfoundland.

Dr. Leonard Hines (’61)

Dr. Leonard Hines is the former co-director of the multidisciplinary UT Center for Advanced Medical Simulation.

Joel B. Seligstein (’06)

Joel Seligstein is widely recognized for leading the team that developed Facebook Messenger. In 2014, he founded A# Capital Startup Investing, through which he has supported and coached many entrepreneurs on taking their products to market.

Benjamin J. Weprin (’01)

Ben Weprin is the founder and CEO of AJ Capital Partners, the real estate company behind Graduate Hotels, a chain with unique locations near college campuses. The location near UT includes Saloon 16, created in partnership with Peyton “The Sheriff” Manning.

Aron Beierschmitt (’13)

As an undergrad in the Haslam College of Business, Aron Beierschmitt founded his own gaming company. Now called Beyond Games, it boasts downloads in the millions.

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